Friday, May 16, 2008

Internets Lead To Robot Repair

Friday night, tired after a long week.

Watching a bit of live TV (no DVR to skip commercials) and stumble across this ad for a Lexus SUV.

While I find SUV's abhorrent, I was completely entranced by the music in the background. It sounds exactly like something by Imogen Heap.

Turns out (after 30 seconds of googling and finding a website dedicated to music in commercials
that the source isn't a band at all, per se. It's actually several guys that used to make big loot in the rollicking world of advertising, that have started their own company dedicated solely to making music for commercials.

Very clever name and website as well. The place is called Robot Repair, and apparently they are going to release an album of music longer than 30 seconds later this year.



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