Thursday, July 20, 2006

Humans and Motorized Vehicles Around The Globe

For the past several months I've really been enjoying the website "The Truth about Cars."

It is unlike any other car-journalism I've encountered in its attitude and approach, making mainstream auto-writers look like the mouth-breathing, short-bus riding, never-heard-of-cynicism losers you might have always suspected them to be.

And don't get me started on the The Boston Globes long time car guy "Royal Turd (Ford)" who finds glove-box dimensions and whether his retarded-sea-cow wife likes the color more salient to a car review than purchase price or driving impressions. This site is the antidote to all that.

Recently TTAC has added comments-functionality to its posts, and it is from a nice ranting discussion on hybrids that the link I'm about to drop on ye comes from.

Essentially, one of the main dudes (Jeremy Clarkson) on the UK's "5th Gear" car-television show set out to travel the world and see how different cultures interact with motorized vehicles, resulting in a combination of sociology and vroom vroom. Everywhere from Iceland to Cuba to Vietnam. Fabulous. Its called MotoWorld.

Here is a link to all the episodes in google video format.
Better click quick before they get taken down.


Blogger Jeremy Z said...

While they do bring up some good points, I think they're a little too snotty. Some people just have so much fun writing bad things in funny ways that they lose credibility.

The guy Jeremy Clarkson hates motorcycles, and says all kinds of nasty things about them and their riders just for press. He's a grade-A asshole.

10:36 PM  

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