Tuesday, June 27, 2006

SMART cars in USA by 2008.....ah, finally? (wtf)

Okay, so now it seems that Benzo is going to finally import the SMART to the USA in 2008, roughly a million years after they started selling them in Europe, and several years after they began selling them to our kinder, gentler neighbors to the north.

If you've been following this obsessively like me (doubtful) then you know that 3 years ago or so, Benzo was thinking that the USA would only start buying SMART if they sold a weak-ass SUV here, call the Four-Four. What an stupid f*$(#ing idea that was...the only people that are going to buy these things hate on SUVs with a serious passion. Geez.

Well, they appear to have pulled their collective head out of their germanic buttocks and realized that they should sell the original, tiny, fabulous four-two model here.

So, after gloming on some extra safety(?) and emissions equipment, they're hurtling towards importing them to the USA as of...2008. Hold your breath.

Oh, the tiny things don't have an estimated $$ here yet, but they are $12,000 in Europe, and $15,000 in Canada, so they'll probably be waaay too expensive in the USA.

Better late than never!!


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