Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Meat From The Lab.

Wow. I've been talking about this for years, how technology will eventually seriously complicate the vegetarian/non-vegetarian divide once meat can be grown without hurting animals.

Most of the time when I bring this up, carnivorous folks I'm talking with recoil with nasty looks on their faces at the prospect of eating meat from clean lab vats; this reaction doesn't seem to jibe well with the reality of the meat they are eating now, which even if it comes from an animal that lived a happy, free-range life (doubtful) it still went through some nasty $#|t as it was forced off this mortal coil. Not true with in vitro meat!

So, progress has been made, and we are all zooming along towards a slaughterhouse-free mcnugget.

Mmm-Mmm. With a name like "invitromeat" it's *got* to be good.


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