Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Others Begin To Realize That Hummer Suck!!!

Mu-ha, mu-ha-ha-haaaaa.

Look at all these sh!tbarges lined up and ownerless. Now to recycle them into bicycles or mopeds or something.

Apparently, there were so many non-sold units that the dealer was leasing out parking lot space somewhere else to hide them from the public eye.

click link below for someone else's blog on hidden hummer caches:



Man, I had no computer to blog upon for over a month there.

After 16 calls to H.P tech support, they ended up supplying me with an 80 gig drive to replace the 40 gig drive that failed me (after 1.5 months of ownership) the week before I had midterms and really needed all my notes.

Anyhoo, all my 3 or 4 occasional readers, I'm back, and this time it's for keeps. Provided my computer-touch-of-death phase has abated for a while.